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Here are some ideas that we developed to save time, do work more safely or save money:


Using a Bobcat to raise the roll of Poly over top of greenhouse, a rope is attached to the end of the poly and the poly is then pulled to the end and then unfolded.  An Air Stapler is used to fasten lath to the bottom and end boards.  Done on a relatively calm day, one person can do one greenhouse this size [20 x 96 feet] in 90 minutes.


Using inexpensive utility carts with an added top that is the height of the potting bench made potting and transferring of plants efficient.  A small Honda 3 Wheeler is used to tow the pots to the greenhouses.  Investment is minimal.  This layout also allows for two potting benches to be run at the same time.  A bobcat is used to fork plants to the area and the bucket to add soil.

Using a Bobcat and Hand Power Tiller, raw material for planting mix can be brought in by bulk and then batch mixed.  Material is layered in the 'bin', made of 2 x6's, that is later used in Nursery Projects.  About 10 yards an hour can be mixed this way.

A jig is built to drill connecting holes on Greenhouse Bows that were delivered un-drilled.   This saved time in the finish construction of the greenhouse and holes were drilled in a comfortable way.

On one of our latter greenhouses, holes were drilled and pipes set and concreted.  Then side boards were put in place and then the ends were built.  Later the bows and purlins were added.  


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